The Top Three Things to Look for During Your Home Inspection

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Home inspections may be one of the most important elements of a home buying or selling process. It is believed that 25% of real estate deals fall through after the home inspection. There are a few key areas to pay special attention to before listing your home you are selling or making an offer on a home that you are interested in purchasing.

Below is a list of a few of the key areas to look for as you walkthrough your potential home:

1) Mechanical Equipment

This includes things like your furnace, air conditioner, hot water tank, electrical panel and etc. You can perform a quick inspection of the overall condition of these items and look for the general age, rust, corrosion, or poor workmanship. When walking through a house you can also look at at the equipment labels for manufacture dates, installation dates, or inspection labels.

2) Foundation or Basement Walls

When in the basement of a potential home you would like to purchase, be sure to look at the conditions of the walls. Look for staining or discoloration, this could potentially mean there may be water intrusion or previous flooding. Pay extra attention where the wall meets the concrete slab and in corners. Also look at the foundation walls for any cracks, bowing, or settling. This is a more critical issue and could mean that there are structural or waterproofing issues that may need to be addressed.

3) Windows

Windows are a big contributor to energy loss or savings in a home. Old windows that are not functioning correctly or don’t provide a good weather tight seal from the outside can mean a loss of energy all-year round and potential safety issues. Be sure to inspect the windows closely. Open them to be sure they are operating correctly. Also, check the weather stripping and caulking around the edges, to make sure there is a nice tight seal and there isn’t any drafts.

The above items are a few things you and your realtor can review prior to placing an offer on your home. When it comes time for a home inspection, be sure to use an ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Certified Home Inspector to help you identify any serious issues prior to closing on your next home.


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